My name is Todd Herrington. I’m a Richmond, Va. based musician/artist working to complete and release my first solo record entitled, “Things”. I have been part of many nationally and internationally released recordings before, but this will be the first with my name, and my name only on the final product. Therefore, I feel solely responsible for the contents of the album, and the album’s future. I can assure you that I take this very seriously, and have put, and will continue to put, as much love and hard-work into this body of music, as I possibly can.

I’ve personally financed everything up until this point; recording sessions, mixing sessions, re-mixing sessions, late night take-out, couches to crash on, shoulders to cry on..etc. As I write this, I am not backed by a label of any kind, this is as independent as it gets. Any items you receive for your pledge will, in most cases, be put together by me, probably in my apartment, and sent to you from the local post office just a few blocks away.