Kickstarter Campaign : 04/10/13 : 0 Comments

We reached our goal in 5 days! Thank you so much, everyone!!! That’s just incredible, and completely unexpected. We’re updating the Kickstarter to include a stretch goal, so that the possibility of releasing a vinyl version of “Things” can become a reality.

If we reach our new goal of $7,500 or more, we will be able to manufacture a vinyl version of the record (digital download card included!).

If this updated goal is reached, anyone who has pledged $20 or more, will have the choice of switching from cd to vinyl(w download card). Anyone who has pledged $75 or more will receive BOTH the cd and the vinyl(w download card)versions. Due time constraints in vinyl manufacturing, we will be unable to offer a signed personnel copy. This version will, however, be signed by me.

*As you can see, we’ve added a new, $20 vinyl reward. Please note that you will only receive this if we make the goal of $7500 or more. If we do not make it, it will revert to the previous $20 reward.

If we do make the $7,500 or more mark, then ALL BACKERS will received a digital copy of an unreleased, mixed & mastered track from the “Things” sessions!

Thank you so much, for all of the support! This is an incredible experience, and I can’t wait for you to hear “Things”!